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Third party evidence

Third party evidence templates are provided in a ring binder to the workplace assessor. They provide checklists for a third party to validate the competency of the learner and to make an objective assessment of the learner's skills and knowledge. Checklists are provided to allow third party assessment of the learner undertaking the following workplace activities:

  1. Following infection control procedures before, during and after oral health care procedures. 2. Working safely and promoting and monitoring the workplace health and safety of patients and other staff members before, during and after oral health care procedures. 3. Preparing patients for radiography. 4. Processing, mounting and filing radiographs. 5. Preparing the surgery for oral health care procedures. 6. Assisting with an oral health care procedure. 7. Maintaining, caring for and storing dental instruments, materials and equipment. 8. Communicating effectively with patients 9. Making appointments and handling and recording payments. 10. Performing general administrative tasks.

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