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Management of The Dental Assistant Online assessment system is by the training provider.

The training provider manages the online assessment of their students. This is achieved in the administration area which is created for each provider.

The administration area gives the training provider the ability to:

(1)     Create student groups: Student groups can be created for assessment purposes which reflect the teaching class/group. 

(2)     Manage students: Each student’s name, student number, password, student group and email address can be entered, viewed and edited.   

(3)     Manage units: This facility allows the education provider to determine the date and time a unit of assessment is to be available and the time after which it will no longer be available to a student group.   It also allows the provider to determine the number of assessments permitted, the score to achieve competence and the time allowed for each assessment. The provider can also determine the order in which the units are displayed.  

(4)     Create reports: The provider can create reports of results for a student or student group. The reports are viewed on the screen, with an option to print. A statistical reports facility is also provided which includes graphs of the results of student groups for each unit of assessment.

The Dental Assistant Online has a tiered administration facility which allocates levels of access to  'Provider Administrators' and ‘Group Administrators'.  A 'Provider Administrator' has access to all of the administration features and has the ability to create 'Group Administrators'.  The level of access permitted to a 'Group Administrator' (i.e. no access, view only, edit) can be set by the 'Provider Administrator'.  A 'Group Administrator' may have varying levels of access to one or a number of groups. This facility can permit 'view only' access to a regulatory or funding body or it can be used to centrally administer several training organisations.


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