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Authentication, server protection, data back-up and system redundancy

The security of the online assessment is managed by:

(1)     Authentication: User access security is managed by a login screen which requires completion of a user id + password. Students access the on-line assessment by completing Student Number + Password, while administration users access the management system by completing User Name + Password. This level authentication is generally considered as an acceptable level of authentication for transaction on the web.

(2)     Server: The server on which the system is hosted is protected by firewalls which are regularly updated with security patches. All connections at server access level are SSL encrypted. The server is also protected by intrusion protection software.

(3)     Data: The Dental Assistant Online data will be backed-up from the host server to a server remote from the host server every hour. Students are instructed in the introductory guide to print the assessment summary page and file it in their evidence portfolio upon completion of each assessment. This forms an additional paper based back-up.

(4)     Redundancy: In the unlikely event that the host server becomes inoperable, the assessment system could be operational within 24 hours. 


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