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The Dental Assistant Online provides an interactive assessment system which provides immediate feedback to the learner and the training organization. It is based upon a bank of more than 1,500 multi-choice questions consisting of text, many with graphics, and answer options. Questions are randomly generated from question groups which map to each item of knowledge and understanding described within the units of competence for dental assisting. Question groups are divided into self-assessment questions undertaken by the learner in preparation for assessment and assessment questions undertaken with supervision.
Online self-assessment provides the learner with a unique opportunity to progressively monitor the acquisition of underpinning knowledge and skils. The training organization can determine how many self-assessments may be undertaken for each unit. When the learner completes the self-assessment the score achieved, the date of the assessment and the length of time taken to complete the assessment is displayed
Online assessment provides each learner with a unique assessment of essential knowledge and skils. Questions for each assessment are drawn from banks containing questions of similar type and complexity and are randomly generated. Questions focus on underpinning knowledge, techniques and processes, organisation and planning, problem solving and communication with others.
Management of The Dental Assistant Online assessment system is by the training provider.
Authentication, server protection, data back-up and system redundancy
The Dental Assistant Online Assessment system provides an internet based system to collect and structure evidence.
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